The Ministry of Imagination

The Ministry of Imagination is an exploration into the environment for teaching young children from disadvantaged backgrounds to encourage an inquisitive and open attitude to learning. The tiny playground site located on the grounds of a small Junior School in south London had to pack in a lot of valuable indoor and outdoor learning area to maximise the schools potential impact to develop strong relationships with the local community.

We were pleased to assist in early consultation with the client and to help shape their Educational brief during the early stage of the project to ensure that the building provided bespoke new learning accommodation that challenges and inspires whilst opening the site area up for public use throughout the day. The spaces on each floor are deliberately designed to not reflect a classroom environment but to create zones of different spaces that can be used for different activities through child initiated play and also set up by teaching staff to act as learning zones through role play and imagination.

The relatively free nature of the layout, and vertical movement between the age ranges ensures that the children are able to move around the floors freely to benefit from all of the different activities running throughout the day.

The building and grounds are available for hire and use by local community groups throughout the day, with some running sessions with the children in the school and other running alongside. The hope it that the school does not sit idle outside of the typical school day, but is seen as a destination point for parents, grandparents as well as the children who attend and their siblings for use and experimentation with new hobbies and activities.


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